Addressing Your Photography Fears (Part 3)

Addressing Your Photography Fears

In this digital era, photography is everywhere and an essential part of life with the rise of social media. But, if you don’t like getting you picture taken or have other fears of photography, the thought of a professional photo-shoot can feel like the scariest thing in the world.

Most people are afraid of seeing an unflattering photograph of themselves. We’ve all had this experience, myself included. When our self-image is traumatized by a photograph that looks nothing like what we expect, we feel angry and upset. Let’s face it, no one wants to see a bad photo of themselves. Plus, photography has immense power. One photo can make a world of difference, especially in a professional industry or on the job market.

Regardless of whether it’s your first time in front of the camera, or your hundredth time, getting your picture taken can be scary for people. Here’s how we address that fear:

  1. We have the photography skills: There’s less reason to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera when you know the photographer is a professional. Our studio uses the best equipment in the industry. We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest-quality images for you or your brand and are determined to get the exact vision you hoped for.


  1. We are insured and registered as a professional photography business: Gilmour Photography is fully covered by the WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board). This makes it easier for our clients to maintain their safety records and meet their safety requirements. We also hold a registered business license, which not only gives our studio a unique identity, but protects the business from personal liability. Running an unregistered business puts you and your clients at risk in the event of an accident. The difference between registered/unregistered and insured/uninsured business is safety – and we put safety first. On top of all that, Gilmour Photography is accredited by several professional body’s including: PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada), GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada), and CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators).


  1. We’re open to communication: Misunderstanding can lead to bigger fears of photography, where a client thought they were getting one thing, but they got something else. At Gilmour Photography, we communicate your photo project up front: how long the session will be, where the session will take place, what vision you’re aiming for, etc. If you aren’t familiar with the photo location, we’ll help you scout it out either the day of the shoot or do it another day. We will work with you to create a comprehensive and detailed project plan, discussing what you hope to achieve. We get prepared in advance, so that you can feel comfortable the photo shoot will run smoothly.


  1. We’re fun to work with: At Gilmour Photography, we don’t give the rushed feeling of “It’s time to take photos!” We chat with our clients and give them stuff to talkabout while we’re posing/composing/getting the exposure right. It’s natural for people to start to stiffen up if they sit in same pose for too long – so we’ll have you move around, reset the shot if needed, and help you get back into the pose again.


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