Video: Airplane Accident at Photo Shoot

During a behind-the-scenes look at a lifestyle photo shoot, I got hit by an airplane!

My airplane accident:

The concept was to photograph a boy playing the fantasy of being a pilot. We built a large Bristol board airplane and photographed the model running up and down hills in a playground. In the last shot we wanted a photograph of the boy throwing the airplane into the sky. On the third take the airplane dove right into my chest. I had no idea how heavy and stiff a Bristol board airplane was until the moment it hit me, it was like getting hit by a baseball or hockey puck.

As you can see in the video I was fine but our model felt terrible about it. It took a lot of consoling and cajoling for him to try it again. Notice how my First Assistant, Dan, giggles at the end of the clip, that’s compassion.

Look for the finished photo in advertisements for Mahogany, a community in SE Calgary.

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