photo of computer and external hard drive in Calgary

Image Back-up: Are Your Images Safe From Catastrophe?

Are Your Images Safe? How do you protect your valuable images?

Here is a simple image back-up system we use at Gilmour Photography to protect every image from the camera to the archive. The instant the shutter clicks a duplicate RAW image is captured on a back-up drive built into the camera. Instant back-up means that in the event of data loss, damage or corruption we always have another copy of your images.

Before leaving your photo shoot another image are back-up is made to our laptop creating a triple back-up. Upon arrival at the studio the images are moved to a set of mirrored hard drives to be archived in perpetuity. Once the images are safely stored on the mirrored hard drives we also burn them to disc before removing them from the cards in the camera.

When a hard drive crashes or a disc is damaged we always have another copy. If you lose an image we can send you a replacement the same day via our ftp delivery system.

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