Best Selling Author Michael Oliver Features Brett In Article

International sales trainer, best selling author, speaker and consultant, Michael Oliver, recently highlighted me in a marketing campaign for Natural Selling. Read Michael’s below.

Michael’s sales training helped me see selling as more than a necessary evil of being self-employed. The training helped me fully understand that my photography helps solve problems that businesses have.

Michael showed me that sales calls are an opportunity to ask intelligent questions and then listen to what drives a company, what problems they have and what they want to do about it. Listening to clients allows me to understand and respond to what they need.

As a result I am able to work with clients to develop solutions and deliver successful photography.

Read Michael Oliver’s article here:

“Hi Brett,


Calgary, Alberta, Canada… Saturday, February 28, 2009…

A place and date you’ll remember for a long time.

Why? Because after you, or anyone you know, has participated in
my one-day interactive Natural Selling experiential workshop,
you’ll have the communication tools that will rapidly having
growing your business and saying… “What global recession?”

This workshop will also have you harnessing the power to create the outer success and inner fulfillment you’re looking for.

Want proof? Read what happened to Brett Gilmour in Calgary immediately after last weekend’s short introduction seminar to Natural Selling.

It works!

I want to let you know that after seeing your two hour seminar on
Natural Selling in Calgary I put it to work during my next meeting
with a potential customer. During the 45 minute drive to their
office I rehearsed asking Natural Selling questions. I felt
relaxed and more comfortable about the sales call just by getting
into this frame of mind.

Later the same day I received an email from the Marketing
Director saying, “both the CEO and I really like your style of
photography, and look forward to working with you.”

Michael, thank you for introducing me to a way of selling that
really is natural. During the sales call I genuinely felt like I was
there to help this company solve a problem rather than trying
to sell them something.

Brett Gilmour”

Michael and I met at a recent seminar in Calgary, Alberta organized by HUB – Humanity Unites Brilliance. Michael is a faculty member of HUB.

To get the full details about Michael Oliver and the seminar, simply click here.

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