B & W Photo Essay: The Italians

B & W Photo Essay From An Italian Dinner Party

This photo essay celebrates Italian lifestyle. I grew up with Italians and I’ve always loved being around them. I love how they fill their lives with art, design, music and wonder. I love how they share the experience of life. In these photos I tried to capture the spirit of community I always feel with Italians.

The dinner was a delicious tasting event put on by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West at Pulcinella restaurant in my favourite Calgary neighborhood of Kensington.


B & W Photo Essay B & W Photography         Photo of woman opening wine         B & W Photo Essay B & W Photo of Italian men at restaurant Photo of Italians talking over drinks B & W Photo of Italians at a restaurant in Calgary Photo of Italian men talking b & w photo of Italian dinner B & W Photo Essay


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