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Just bump your Blackberry

In 2009 we cut our print/online marketing budget way back and shifted our marketing to in person efforts; mostly business networking events. Like many of you, I went to events, met lots of people, gathered loads of business cards and went home. I just didn’t realize the Blackberry in my pocket could be a powerful follow up tool.

I had every intention of typing all of the business cards into MS Outlook so I could follow up and develop the relationships I had just started. I actually spent hours typing in all of those contacts after each event. Yes, it took hours. It  took so much time that I gave up typing them in and never followed up. My time, money and potentially great relationships were wasted so I looked for a better way.

When I got a new Blackberry Bold,  I started using  DUB, a contact trader that is similar to Bump for the iPhone. DUB works on both Blackbery and iPhone. DUB allows people to digitally exchange contact information with one click. Based on your proximity to each other it will either wirelessly trade contact cards or send a message with your contact info and a link to create their card. Once they do, your info is saved to their mobile address book and theirs to yours.

Automatically updates your address book

DUB also automatically updates your address book when a contact updates their contact information. One more great feature is that DUB acts as a backup for your phone. If your phone meets an untimely death or disappears? Just download DUB to your new phone and all your DUB contacts return to your mobile address book and under DUB Contacts. Awesome, paperless, easy.

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