Our Simple DIY Monitor Calibration Test Checks Your Monitor

Monitor Calibration Is An Easy Way To Improve Your Digital Experience

Use this simple DIY monitor calibration test to check whether your monitor is calibrated so you can see the full range of grey scale in our images. You should be able to see the difference between every block of the scale.

monitor calibration test chart

If some of the blocks are blending together then you are not seeing the full detail of our images and should calibrate your monitor. Monitor calibration can be done using software built into Windows. A better option is to use a mechanical calibration device that will measure the colour, contrast, and brightness of your monitor so you can adjust each value for optimum colour fidelity.

Colour Monitor Calibration Test

Test patch for colour, and black and white, contrast monitor calibration.

How To Adjust Your Monitor Calibration

Don’t assume the contrast and other settings are at reasonable values before making a judgment. The test images are best viewed in a dim or dark environment in full-screen mode. Use the F11 key to switch your screen to full-screen mode. If dimming the lights is not possible, try using a piece of cardboard to shield environmental light from your monitor.

  1. Turn off or disable any colour management system active in your operating system or video-card driver before making adjustments.
  2. Re-set the monitors to their default settings.
  3. Adjust your monitor brightness, contrast, clock/phase, sharpness, and gamma settings. Go through the settings in the order they are presented.
  4. Adjust until you can see clear separations in each of the black and white test patches and the skin tones and other colours look correct. You should see clear separations in each square of the grey scale.
  5. Use the colour management settings to compensate for any small deviations that remain

The Calibration System In Our Calgary Photo Studio

Our photography studio uses a combination of high end hardware to provide you with accurate colour in your food, interior and architectural and product photography.

Our calibration system is made up of mechanical monitor and print calibration tools, high-end graphics cards, ambient room light calibration, and industry leading 10bit monitors. Our colour calibration system ensures that our product photography is accurately reproducing the colours of your products in print and on the web.

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