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Morguard’s Calgary Commercial Real Estate Photography Portfolio Updated Over 13 Evenings

Premium real estate deserves professional real estate photography. Exceptional properties deserve to be photographed during the time of day with the best light so Morguard wanted their properties photographed during the golden light hours.

The Challenge

Morguard had 13 properties in Calgary that needed to be photographed to update their commercial property portfolio.

The Twist

Morguard wanted most of the properties photographed during the brief 30-45 minutes of “golden hour” each evening.

The Solution

Working with the Director of Marketing at Morguard, we developed a shot list and the lighting look for each building. We worked with the landscaping team to ensure the grass was green, the flower beds planted and the landscaping freshly trimmed. At some sites with worked with the building operator to have interior lighting left on for the evening and the parking lots car free.

Because the golden hour is so brief we can only photograph one large commercial building per evening or sun rise. When the project timelines are long enough we study the weather patterns, building directions and the sun light angles. Using our observations we choose whether to shoot at dawn or dusk on the days with the best weather. If the deadlines a short we shoot in any weather and use our skills to turn the bad weather into dramatic photos.

What Is Golden Hour

The golden hour is a window of soft golden light near sun set or sun rise. During this brief window shadows soften, architectural lighting becomes visible and the sky becomes visible in photographs instead of being a bright white stain.

The Result

The result is a portfolio of eye catching interior and exterior commercial real estate photography. Morguard is using the images in case studies, sales material, online feature galleries and giant prints for their corporate office in Toronto.

Real Estate Photography Rates

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