Photo of creative community leader Judith Aldama looking at the distant Cantabrian Mountains of Spain.

Goodbye 2020, Difficult Times Led To Inspiration, Adaptation And Growth

New Studio Grand Opening…And Closing

2020 started with outstanding momentum with the opening of our studio in Oviedo, Spain. But as we know, an aggressive monster raised it’s head at the beginning of the year and threw our personal and business lives in unexpected directions. We had to make some stressful decisions and have some delicate conversations.

Strength In The Creative Community

While we altered our daily work (which may or may not have included pyjamas till 2 p.m.). Gilmour Photography was blown away by the positive and collective strength demonstrated by our creative community, the wider communities across the country and around the world. We experimented in our kitchens with sour dough challenges, these pancakes are delicious. Diversity and inclusion became a driving force in our personal and professional lives. We became flexible. We produced photo shoots from balconies, farmers fields and sidewalks that otherwise would have been done in office towers and busy factories. For better or for worse, we spent a lot of time with our families.

Photo of creative community member, Brett Gilmour, physically distancing in an Ontario dairy cornfield during a John Deere photo shoot.
Brett Gilmour physically distancing on location for the John Deere 2021 Ontario Dairy Campaign

Here’s To 2021

Our goal is not to return to the old, but rather to create a better new normal. In 2020 Gilmour Photography learned remote pre-production using video chat, implemented collaboration software to bring the team back together again for one more heist and developed systems for producing photo shoots within the restrictions.  We will continue learning and adapting so our photo studio continues to serve the needs of the creative community and our customers – our family.

Strong and resilient as an industry, the creative community giving us your feedback and support every step of the way made 2020 more exciting than we ever anticipated. While there were challenges, there was a lot of growth and reflection. Thank you for walking through it with us, we couldn’t have made it without you. 

Thank you for being an integral part of the Gilmour Photography community.

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