Leveraging Biophilia For Creativity: Speaking At Creative Mornings Calgary

Does connecting with nature make you creative, smarter, happier, lower blood pressure and reduce anger?

Find out at Creative Mornings Calgary virtual presentation on Dec. 11, 2020. I’ll be diving into how I use biophilia to find peace, inspiration, and rejuvenation that powers my creativity. You ‘ll also find out what the heck biophilia is.

What is Creative Mornings?

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community, it’s like a Ted Talks series for creatives. It started in New York City, and is now in almost 100 chapters around the world. Attendance is absolutely free of charge, and tickets are released the week of the event through the Creative Mornings website. Each talk is video-recorded, photographed and then uploaded online and shared with the global Creative Mornings community.

The Audience

Our audience consists mostly of creative professionals; graphic designers, photographers, web designers, art directors, industrial designers, social entrepreneurs, etc.

About Brett

Brett Gilmour is a commercial photographer whose work seeks to seamlessly blend natural and artificial light in the studio and on location. Brett’s work is featured in print and digital advertising campaigns around the world. His photography career started in the Canadian Rockies as an adventure sports photographer chasing the moment human/s, light and nature came together in a perfect frame. These days he is based in Calgary, Alberta and goes back to the mountains to find peace, inspiration, and rejuvenation. Learn more about Brett Gilmour

Join Us:

Friday, December 11th


9:00 to 10:00 AM


VIRTUAL via Zoom Link:

Meeting ID:

945 1323 9652



Portrait of Brett Gilmour at the Austrian and Swiss border at the Ischgl / Samnaun ski resort.

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