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Distress Centre  Calgary Annual Report front cover
Front Cover

Making of the DCC Annual Report Photography

In 2009 Distress Centre Calgary had 312 volunteers contribute 33,961 hours of service. 78,351 crisis calls were responded to. 53,197 information and referral calls were handled. 1765 counselling sessions were delivered.

When I heard the compelling story of the DCC, I decided to work with them pro bono as part of my commitment to give back to my community . Dan King and Leah Pavlick at Zero Gravity and the DCC worked with me to develop the concept for the 2010 annual report for the Distress Centre Calgary. The client wanted a annual report photography that showed the volunteers and staff working at the DCC. The original concept called for photographs of the staff handling distress calls over the phone from their cubicles.

After a briefing with the Zero Gravity and the DCC, Leah came back with sketches and for a new concept that communicates the core values of the DCC in an elegant way. The concept is based on a quote from Self Organized Networks by Margret Wheatly. At the end of our second meeting details for the style and execution of the photography were worked out and Leah had the tough job of matching phrases to t-shirt sizes and people so that it all fit on the pages of the annual report.

Composite photograph part 1
One shot of a composite
Composite photograph part 2
The composite completed, the phrase is now a sentence.
Composite photograph part 3 for the annual report
2 part composite with complete sentence.
The completed composite photograph for the Distress Centre Calgary annual report
3 page fold out composed of several shots.
Distress Centre Calgary 2010 Annual Report back cover
Back Cover

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  1. Tieran Green

    Hi there,

    Today I came across your website in the search for photographers who’s work inspires my own. Actually, got me thinking a little bit. Right when I was out of post-secondary, I tried the ‘assisting’ thing out, and having not had the experience of shooting professionally, the photographer’s I assisted with weren’t really that keen on having me back. It has been over a year since then, and I am needless to say, more experienced.

    What I am proposing is to offer my services as an assistant, and to learn as much as I can from you if you are willing to take me on. I have assisted most predominantly with Noah Fallis, and occasionally with Colin Way, Greg Gerla, Brent Mykytyshyn, Bruce Edward, and many more. I should mention that I am not necessarily stern on being paid. If you’re shooting a creative, or simply the budget isn’t there for an assistant, that’s totally fine. Your knowledge is more than enough!

    I work retail camera sales, and it’s enough to drive a large spike through my cranium. With that said, I hope to make assisting more of my regular day-to-day routine, while still retaining my own personal shooting, and I’m hoping you can help me do that. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call me (403) 998-2118 anytime. However, If you aren’t looking for this type of service at this time, I completely understand as I myself am starting to learn. That said, if you could please let me know, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Anticipating your reply!

    Tieran Green

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