What Is Photo Retouching and Photo Illustration

Photo Retouching What is included in a photo retouching order? Photo retouching includes swapping eyes and heads, braces removal, blemish removal, slimming, swapping skies, adding or eliminating subjects to an image,  changing the colour of a product, lens correction and many other types of post-production editing. How much does it cost to retouch an image? …

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Photographer Brett Gilmour

Where Are The Rest Of The Images?

As a client, do your homework and invest in a commercial photographer that has the experience to create consistent quality images. Discuss your photography goals, as well as what you can expect to receive as an outcome from the shoot.

where are my images?

Bullet Proof Photo Archive Service – Prevent Photo Loss Disaster

Bulletproof Photo Archive and Distribution Have you ever lost or deleted digital photos? Have you missed publishing deadlines because you couldn’t find or access the disc of photos you needed? Have you ever scratched a CD or DVD and lost the data? Our photo archive solves these problems. Avoid the disaster of losing your photos. …

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Setting Up a User Account

You have received an invitation from Brett Gilmour Photography to view an image gallery. Message from Brett: Hey, check out these great images from the shoot!

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Client Photo Gallery FAQ: Don’t Stress, We’re Here For You

A gallery is a collection of images from one or multiple albums display to someone else. When you are invited to a gallery, the gallery can have a “visibility” of either “invite only” or “public.” An “invite only” gallery can only be seen by the people invited. This method restricts access to the gallery, only invitees can view the gallery.

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