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Professional Headshots Calgary, Canada

Unlock Your Best Headshot with Personalized Guidance!
Get a headshot that exudes confidence and authenticity
Say goodbye to forced smiles
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Mastering Authentic On-Camera Presence

It’s hard to smile authentically on command. A skilled photographer can teach you how.

Gilmour Commercial Photography’s dynamic, coached portrait sessions cultivate your on-camera presence.

Book a fresh headshot portrait session for portraits that elicit esteem, build confidence, and attract business.

Individual Headshot Session

Schedule a convenient session time.

In the studio or at your office.

Select and buy the best images.



Your company, executives, or employees can have headshots at the office.

Establishing trust is key to driving sales and fostering client loyalty. Enhance both by investing in genuine, consistent employee headshots.

Gilmour Photography’s professional process ensures the best headshots for your company.

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Want to Look Like a CEO?

There’s a better way than crossing your arms.

We’ll help with grooming and choosing a wardrobe.

I will coach you through facial expressions, hand placement, and posture.

Excelling professionally becomes easier.

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Business Portraits in Calgary, AB

Are you losing opportunities because of first impressions?

Elevate your professional image.

Make your business headshots work for you.

Boost your brand with professional headshots that express your value.

Calgary, AB Headshot Photographer

Choosing the right photographer matters.

Don’t regret your headshot. Ask other photographers if they provide grooming, styling, and expression coaching.

Book a session with a professional headshot photographer to enhance your marketing assets and achieve success.

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Calgary, AB Photographer

If you want to know more and can’t wait to hear from us, call the studio now for a phone consultation at 403-540-5530.

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