Infographic: Canon vs Nikon – Which Camera Company Is Best? There Can Only Be One!

Canon vs Nikon infographic

Whih brand do YOU think is better: Canon vs Nikon?

Consumer website uses data about camera use from expert reviews and user experiences across the web to develop accurate snapshots of the facts.  They commissioned turn the data in this awesome infographic about who’s better, Nikon or Canon.

Which brand of camera do you use? Tell us why in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Canon vs Nikon – Which Camera Company Is Best? There Can Only Be One!”

  1. Harvey Brosler

    I use a Nikon D300 with the 18-200 Nikon zoom lens. I like the results using raw very much, especially the speed. I assume that I missed a shot that happens fast but find to my surprise that I capture it.I use Lightroom 3.5 for an image modification. If I was going to be asked what changes I woukld like, I would have purchased a full frame instead of a half frame, a D700 instead of D300. I would have liked to be able to go to a higheISO than 6400 which did not get good reviews on noise after 3200.I may have puirchased a camera with a higher number of megapixels which was not available at the time. I wish NIKON would have something compartible to the CANON. The D3S is mentioned as being heavy although I have not used it. I am very happy otherwise. NIKON is less costly than a CANON.

  2. Juan Martinezguerra

    I used Nikon professionally for 15 years, DSLR for 7. I just shifted to Canon in need of a full frame SLR with HDV. I am shooting a 5D. I always use top of the line lenses on both brands.

    I can say by my experience, that both brands offer great features an quality, but I am a little disappointed with Canon now. I am very meticulous about image quality and Canon is not giving me what Nikon does.

    Joking, I say that people have Canon just because they haven’t use Nikon. Well, it seems to be true if you, at least, only take into account image quality.

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