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Is Advertising Dead in 2009? Part III, See The Need

See the need, fill the gap

So, is advertising dead? I don’t think so, just different. Bloated budgets, large productions, and heavy advertising agency involvement have all been scaled way back. But, lots of businesses are still advertising and lots of new businesses are being created as people see the need to fill in the latest “new economy”.


Although Q2 and Q3 of this year were really slow, we are on track to do as well as last year and maybe better. How? Seeing all of the layoffs and downsizing in the market I realized that I needed to meet the decision makers, I needed to start networking with the top level decision makers. Since January I have been going to networking events and meeting entrepreneurs that are concerned about their business and how to keep it alive.

It takes time

During the first few months there wasn’t much pay off and I wondered if I was on the right track. Developing real relationships takes time so I kept going to networking events and meeting people, after a few months they remembered my name. A few months later I was being introduced by other people. By the beginning of Q3 referral business started coming in and I was able to contribute by helping people in need with my own recommendations.

Be the hub

Once genuine relationships are established it’s easier to be a photography consultant and help decision makers plan and execute their marketing. In times of lean budgets and small staffs being a go to resource is invaluable and is helping us turn this into a fantastic year.

Be kind

Share your ideas, go out and meet people, talk to the person next to you in line. Smile at people and make your business and your city a better place.

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