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Photography In Red Deer

Commercial Photography For Large and Small Businesses

Gilmour Commercial Photography is a highly regarded photography studio that creates photography in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. This family-owned and operated business has been providing exceptional photography services for more than two decades. Founded by commercial photographer, Brett Gilmour, the studio has evolved to offer commercial photography services including corporate photography, business portrait photography, architectural photography, and product photography.

Portrait of commercial photographer, Brett Gilmour, taken during an agriculture photo shoot in an Ontario dairy barn.
Portrait of photographer, Brett Gilmour, in a dairy barn in Ontario, Canada.

Architectural and Hospitality Photography

Gilmour Commercial Photography extends its architectural and hospitality photography to Red Deer, Alberta, specializing. Our team brings a wealth of experience and precision to creating photos of architectural structures and hospitality businesses. In the realm of architectural photography, we document the design, form, and spatial qualities of buildings, providing clients with a comprehensive visual representation of their projects. This service is particularly beneficial for architects, real estate developers, and construction firms needing imagery for their portfolios and marketing collateral.

Editorial photography in Red Deer of Humpty's Restaurant for Mercury Publishing.
Editorial photography in Red Deer of Humpty’s Restaurant for Mercury Publishing.

In the domain of hospitality photography, we focus on presenting establishments in Red Deer with a inviting portrayal. For hotels and restaurants, our work emphasizes the ambiance, layout, and key features that make these businesses unique. Hospitality photography is designed to aid businesses in showcasing their offerings, attracting potential customers, and establishing a visual identity that aligns with their brand. Annual branding photography packages are available so businesses can always have fresh content for the social media feeds.

Aerial Photography

The Gilmour team comprises a group of skilled and experienced photographers who are passionate about their work. They are dedicated to creating stunning and compelling images that capture the essence of their clients’ businesses and events. One of the company’s unique aspects is its ability to provide aerial photography services using state-of-the-art technology. This allows them to capture breathtaking aerial views of buildings, landscapes, and events that would be impossible to capture otherwise. This innovative approach sets Gilmour Commercial Photography apart from its competitors in the Red Deer area.

Commercial Photography In Red Deer

Gilmour Commercial Photography provides commercial photography in Red Deer, Alberta with a focus on industrial and agricultural sectors. Our expertise extends to capturing impactful images tailored to the unique needs of businesses in these industries. We produce high-quality visuals that effectively showcase industrial processes, machinery, and agricultural operations. Choosing Gilmour Commercial Photography ensures businesses in Red Deer receive professional imagery that enhances their marketing materials and serves as a valuable asset for showcasing their industrial and agricultural business.

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