Marketing Photography Partnership: The Benefits of Partnering With One Photographer for Multiple Photoshoots

Maple Reinders had a backlog of projects across Western Canada that needed to be photographed for use in their portfolio, sales and marketing material. When they came to us they were going through the process of contacting, vetting and selecting a different photographer in every city. It was an arduous and time-consuming task. We presented them with a plan that maximized their marketing team’s time, improved consistency across their brand, simplified their content creation process, reduced the barriers of working with multiple photography vendors and saved them money.

The Client Background

Maple Reinders has a long track record of completing building projects across Canada. Like a lot of companies, they had a backlog of completed projects that needed to be added to their marketing and sales material. When they came to us, they had many significant projects across Western Canada that they needed to add to their sales and marketing material and online portfolio. The projects spanned commercial buildings to industrial plants and infrastructure facilities.

Pre-Shoot Planning

The project’s success was dependent on meticulous pre-production preparation. We worked closely with the Maple Reinders team to understand each location’s unique qualities and design components. The goal was to ensure that each project received a customized approach that captured the essence of the project.

Logistics and Travel Arrangements

Given the large number of locations and the huge geographic area, rigorous logistics planning was required. Gilmour Photography’s team coordinated site access, travel, lodging, and transportation to ensure the shooting schedule fit with the marketing team’s delivery schedule.

Safety and Compliance

Safety compliance was a top priority throughout the project. Brett’s team adhered to all safety regulations at each location, ensuring a secure and incident-free photoshoot experience. Brett and his aerial team secured drone and helicopter flight permissions for many of the sites. At the ground level, many of the sites required PPE and work at heights certifications that Gilmour Photography has.

Showcasing Unique Architectural Features

Each Maple Reinders’ location had its unique architectural identity. Brett’s photography showcased the distinct features and design ingenuity of each site, whether it was innovative site integration or sustainable construction.

Highlighting Regional Context

The multilocation project also focused on highlighting the buildings’ integration with their respective regional contexts. Brett’s images captured the harmonious blend of architecture with the surrounding landscapes and communities. The Sechelt Water Resource Centre is an excellent example of how MRI overcame site challenges to create an innovative building that integrates into the community.

Post-Processing and Curation

Back at the studio, Brett and his team sorted through the vast collection of marketing photography created for the project. To simplify the image selection process for the Maple Reinders marketing team, individual proof galleries were made for each site. Once the MRI team selected images for editing the Gilmour Photography photo editors began meticulously editing the images. Many of the images were photographed as complex multi-image panoramics and/or exposure composites and needed to be hand assembled by skilled editors in Photoshop.

Marketing and Branding Impact

The marketing photography provided Maple Reinders with a powerful content library for their marketing, sales and branding. The images were used across various platforms, including websites, brochures, and social media, bolstering Maple Reinders’ reputation as a leading construction firm.


The multi-location photoshoot with Maple Reinders was a huge success. In spite of the massive geographic area, about 6 times larger than the country of Spain, the aerial, drone, interior, and exterior photography was completed on time. Hundreds of different corporate photography images were added to the Maple Reinders content library.

Through meticulous planning, collaboration, and technical expertise, the photography revealed the diversity and ingenuity of Maple Reinders’ projects. The photography leaves a lasting impression on viewers and showcases the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional construction across Canada.

Marketing Photography Rates

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