Online Presence Checkup #YYC Was a Smash

Photo of the Calgary Marketing Club members and panelists.
(l to r) Sandra Schulze, Tish Bell, Roger Kondrat, Yves Mateson, Michael C. Breuer, Steve Joyce, Brett Gilmour, Ernest Barbaric

Calgary Marketing Club’s, “Digital Presence Checkup” Recap

The “Digital Presence Checkup” hosted by the Calgary Marketing Club May 11, 2010 was an opportunity to learn how to manage your personal and professional image online. It was a privilege to be on this panel of marketing experts and spend a a few minutes learning from each of them.

The discussion centered around what you should and shouldn’t be doing online to manage how you and your business are perceived. New techniques for managing online presence that I learned about are:

  • setting Google alerts to auto monitor my name and alert me when it pops up online
  • researching where my competitors are listed online and getting listed there as well
  • using clicktail to analyze web traffic
  • using disqus

The next Calgary Marketing Club event is, “TRADITIONAL MEDIA PANEL”. There will be reps from newspaper, magazine, yellow pages, tv and radio. Learn more about the Calgary Marketing Club.

by Brett Gilmour

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