Location Portrait Shoot for Qualex-Landmark


Qualex-Landmark, developers of downtown Calgary condo tower LUNA and others. Qualex-Landmark hired us for a location portrait shoot for an advertising campaign featuring the residents of LUNA.

We set up in their sales centre for 1/2 a day to photograph these portraits. Each person or group was photographed at a different location in the building so we had to work fast  and keep the lighting simple. A constraint we had to work with was that the photographic style had to be similar to the style of photography shot in Vancouver for a residential condo tower that Qualex-Landmark was promoting there at the time.

Let us know what you think what you think of the photos and stop by the sales centre to see see gorgeous interior design, you might get some ideas for your home.

Location portrait shot for an advertising campaign shoot in Calgary, Alberta.
Location portrait shoot of a man in a sales centre in Calgary, Alberta.
Portrait of an Asian man made on location for an advertising shoot in Calgary, Alberta.
Location portrait photograph of a couple on a bench for an advertising shoot in Calgary, Alberta.

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