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Personal Branding Photography Sets You Apart From The Competition

Personal Branding Photography

Who is the person you want to showcase behind your brand? That is the ultimate question that I ask my clients when planning a personal branding shoot.

Your online identity or brand is defined by all the online information that exists about you, including photographs of yourself. Knowing what is out there with your name on it is vital to creating a successful brand. If you can Google it, so can someone else. That’s why it’s so important to visualize your online identity and portray yourself in the exact way you want to be seen.

My job is not only to make you feel comfortable and confident with your online identity, but to capture the true essence and personality of your brand – whatever that may be!

A great example of a personal branding photography is the shoot we did with Kirk Seton, Creative Design Director at Signet Design Inc.

personal branding photography of grahic designer Kirk Seton

I met with Kirk in person and we discussed the ins and outs of his personal brand.  Meeting with my clients personally helps to define my client’s needs and creates a stronger bond of communication, so we can really narrow down the brand identity together: do we need strong vertical photos? Square crops for Instagram or other social media websites? Wide panoramics for online banners?

Once we discussed the purpose of the brand photos, it was time to create shot list. A successful business shoot requires careful attention to the details— the personal branding photography we create at Gilmour Commercial Photography takes into account client wardrobe, hair and makeup artistry, lighting and posing.

In Kirk’s shoot, we knew we wanted to create a clean and modern photo aesthetic that showed him in his environment. We did the shoot in Kirk’s office. It’s a space he was comfortable and at-ease in. The office has lots of big windows and natural lighting and we took advantage of that daylight to light Kirk and the office so we could photograph more in angles quickly.

For personal branding sessions, it’s important to get creative. Detail shots are some of the most important photos – close-ups of hands if the person uses his/her hands in what they do (sometimes even if they don’t) – e.g. typing, writing, welding, holding a cup of coffee, etc.

personal branding photography of grahic designer Kirk Seton

Flat-lays are visually interesting photographs that connect with the subject’s brand. Flat-lays are made with a collection of objects of similar colours and style shot from above. These photos quickly connect a person to objects that show tell more about who they are. Flat-lays are awesome pictures for the person’s Instagram account. One doesn’t want every single photo to be a photo of yourself.

I also include the physical space and the environment that reflects my client’s personality. These environmental portraits create a documentary feel, versus staged images that can easily look like stock photography. The trend in personal branding is moving towards an authentic, lifestyle feel.

personal branding photography of grahic designer Kirk Seton

It’s time for you to have your own amazing professional portraits, which is why I’ve decided to offer a Personal Branding Special until February 28th

For $495 you will get a two-hour personal branding photo session, a wardrobe consultation, and hair and makeup artistry for your very own photo shoot. With your portrait order you’ll also receive our best seller, the 8×12 metal desk portrait (valued at $250).

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