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Personal branding photographs are content that holds immense versatility.

One of my personal favourite personal branding shoots was with Sylvia Groves. Sylvia had just launched a new business, Governance Studio, and needed marketing material to promote her services. Specifically, she needed portraits to showcase herself: a highly talented and skilled business woman who would soon be recognized as the Governance Goddess.

Personal Branding Strategy

I met with Sylvia in person and we discussed her personal branding strategy and personal branding goals. Sylvia didn’t have an office, so we scouted a variety of locations in Calgary and chose Inglewood Fine Art Studio. The studio perfectly had good bones for the atmosphere we wanted but to create the perfect corporate environment we brought in props and built a corporate office in their space.

Personal branding portrait of Sylvia Groves in Calgary photographed by Brett Gilmour

We collected different pieces of furniture including lamps, paintings, and decorations. Some of the props were brought in and others were pulled from the location. Within about an hour of arranging the set, we had built the executive office feel Sylvia wanted.

I did the lighting set up and on-set styling for the photo shoot and Sylvia picked out her wardrobe. She had signature pieces that she wanted to feature. Her vibrant pink jacket and bold jewellery complimented her energetic and positive personality. The entire photo shoot took about half a day. We utilized all parts of the gallery, including the upstairs and downstairs to create a variety of different photographic looks.

Personal branding portrait of Sylvia Groves from Governance Studio photographed in Calgary, Alberta.

A Custom Built Personal Brand

The beauty of hiring a professional photographer for your own personal brand is that anything is possible. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. If I can’t find the perfect environment to reflect your personal your brand, then I’ll help you create it. Before even picking up my camera bag and choosing a location, I’ll get to know your story and plan a photo shoot built around your branding needs.

Everything in this photo was selected to match Sylvia’s branding goals. Then we built them into a set. Next we designed the lighting and the compostion of the photos. It’s these details and attention to detail that build an effective personal brand.

Invest in professional photography and get powerful content that can be used to enhance your marketing efforts. Sylvia has had massive success with her business. She is also the author of the highly proclaimed book: AAA+ Minutes™. With the right online content, your business can be successful too.

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