Bullet Proof Photo Archive Service – Prevent Photo Loss Disaster

Bulletproof Photo Archive and Distribution

Photo Archive & Distribution

Have you ever lost or deleted digital photos? Have you missed publishing deadlines because you couldn’t find or access the disc of photos you needed? Have you ever scratched a CD or DVD and lost the data? Our photo archive solves these problems.

Avoid the disaster of losing your photos. Our simple to use ImageVault photo archive makes backing up and tracking your images easy. It eliminates fragile DVD’s and the headache of hard drive backups.  ImageVault private photo archive provides bullet-proof backup, online collaboration and promotion tools in one easy to use web portal. And yes, the storage is actually in a bullet proof data centre.

Photo archive and distribution tool

Photo archive, storage and distribution with 24/7/365 access is just a click away. With our ImageVault option, we store your full-size photo files so you don’t have to. Contact us to simplify your business photography storage.

Add photo storage to your subscription as you need it

Pricing      Monthly              Annual

10GB        $9/month           —
35GB        $16/month         —
100GB      $59/month         $275/year
200GB      $125/month       $355/year
300GB      $180/month       $485/year
400GB      $225/month       $600/year
500GB       —                         $750/year
1TB            —                         $1150/year
(Price effective January 1, 2022)

Storage Space

  • Truly bulletproof: Multiple copies of your files are backed up at geographically redundant locations.
  • Need more than 100GB? No problem. Buy as much space as you need — members are using up to tens of terabytes.
  • Purchase additional storage for any paid account type — the more you buy at once, the deeper the discount. Call to negotiate bulk purchases!

The Security Details

The security of your images starts at the shoot itself. Images are uploaded to your personal archive using encryption, unlike traditional FTP, which is inherently a less secure delivery method for multiple reasons.

Once your images are transferred into your account, they’re protected by geographically redundant and mirrored servers, which means even if some sort of natural disaster were to occur on one coast, your images would still be safe.

At this point, we apply a watermark to your images as an added measure of security. We also disable the use of right-click and opting to “save image as,” so people trying to steal images via their web browser will be out of luck. Images may only be downloaded from your archive if you specifically authorize their release.

Gilmour Photography takes security very seriously. We abide by a holistic security model where layers of the system and network provide protection from both internal and external threats. Physical: all data centres and their office spaces are in 24×7 staffed class-A buildings with video monitoring, in-building security staff, proximity card based access control and multiple layers of physical blockades.

Additionally, data centres have multiple physical check-in points with bullet proof physical protection for systems and staff. Multiple ID’s are required for access to data centres. Proximity card and numeric passwords are required for access to physical cage/cabinets containing servers.

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