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Keep These 58 Items In Your Photo Assistant Kit And Photographers Will Love You

Here’s What’s In The Photo Assistant Kit List

Updated June 15, 2020. This list of equipment includes some of the most common items an assistant should have in his or her photo assistant kit bag. It’s not necessary to carry every item listed. When shooting on location you should bring all of these items with you because photographers can be forgetful and when you cover their ass by producing an extra pocket wizard or USB cable the thankful photographer will remember who had their back.

When shooting in a studio, many of these items will already be at the photo studio, in which case you should use the photographer’s material. However, coming prepared or being able to improvise on the spot impresses any photographer. And impressing the photographer means being hired more often and generating great word of mouth referrals.

58 Items For Your Kit

  1. Smart Phone
  2. Sensor Cleaning Kit
  3. Sensor Loupe
  4. Local Map/Google Maps & Navigation on your Phone
  5. Contact info for local rental/repair houses
  6. Shoot info sheets
  7. Soft haired paint brush (1”)
  8. Adjustable pliers
  9. Needle nose pliers
  10. Small Headlamp or Flashlight
  11. Lens pen
  12. Anti Static brush
  13. Anti Static cloth
  14. Lens Tissue
  15. Double sided tape
  16. Scissors
  17. Q-tips
  18. AC line indicator
  19. 3 Prong, 2 receptacle splitter
  20. Glycerin in a dropper bottle
  21. Spare USB/Lightning cables, various types
  22. Spare sync cords, various types
  23. Spare Pocket Wizards/radio triggers
  24. Measuring tape
  25. 5 Piece precision screwdriver set
  26. Extension cords
  27. Small clamps
  28. A-clamps
  29. Scotch tape
  1. Packing tape
  2. Large & small notebook
  3. Fine tip markers
  4. Pens
  5. Armour All
  6. Cleaning cloth
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Compressed air
  9. Lighter fluid
  10. Labels
  11. Glue
  12. Chalk
  13. Pull ties
  14. Elastics
  15. Gaffers tape
  16. Black tape
  17. Matches
  18. Assortment of mirrors
  19. Monofilament line
  20. String or twine
  21. Velcro tabs
  22. Museum putty
  23. Windex
  24. Stop watch
  25. Leatherman multi-tool/Swiss army knife
  26. Cotton gloves
  27. Snacks – for you and the photographer
  28. Money (cab fare, lunch money, coffee money, etc.)
  29. Appropriate Clothing – for the day’s shoot

This list is based on my experience as an advertising and commercial photographer. If you want to be a photo assistant read this.

Get The Gear

These photography tools and materials are great to have on your own shoots so if you don’t have them yet it’s time to shop. I’m based in Calgary, Alberta and we have two excellent photography/video stores right here. The Camera Store and Vistek are stocked with the latest equipment from major manufacturers like Manfrotto, Profoto, Gitzo, Nikon, Hasselblad and Tamron. If you live outside of Calgary you can order from either of their excellent web sites.

What’s In Your Photo Assistant Kit?

Tell us what’s in your Photo Assistant Kit. We welcome suggestions for this list so leave your suggestion in the comments below. Better yet, upload photos of the photo equipment you carry in your Photo Assisting Kit.

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