Gallery FAQ

Gallery FAQ

What is a Gallery Invite?

A photo gallery is a collection of images from one or multiple albums display to someone else. When you are invited to a photo gallery, the gallery can have a “visibility” of either “invite only” or “public.”

An “invite only” gallery can only be seen by the people invited. This method restricts access to the photo gallery, only invitees can view the gallery.

What are invitations to a “public” gallery?

The invitation is a simple way to send an e-mail to another person with a link to a gallery. “Invite-Only” and “Password” galleries can also allow be granted high-resolution download capability.

High-Resolution Download Options

Galleries can have a variety of  download options including high-resolution downloads.

Hi-Res Download: Available options 1) original file format (e.g. RAW, PSD), or 2) JPG. If the file is already a JPG, the selection is moot.
Image Size: Images can be one of several preset sizes, or a custom size. This is the size in pixels (width) that the images will be delivered to our clients.
Max # of downloads: The maximum number of download may be restricted. If you can no longer download, you may have reached the maximum # of downloads. Contact the studio for help.

What does the Invitee Email Look Like?

When you are sent a gallery invitation, an e-mail is instantaneously dispatched to the user with a URL to the gallery.

The e-mail notification contains both a link and image thumbnails.


What if I don’t have an ImageVault account already?

You’ll receive an email with a message and a link:

You have received an invitation from Brett Gilmour Photography to view a photo gallery. Message from Brett: Hey, check out these great images from the shoot!

To view this gallery, please follow this link:

Clicking on the link for the first time, directs you to a page where you can set a password:

The password can be anything you choose as long as it is a minimum of 6 characters. This will activate your free ImageVault account which you can use in the future to view additional galleries or license images. Once we have set your password on tyour provisional account, or if you already have an account, you will be directed to the gallery that we invited you to. Alternately, you can view a list of all your invitations by clicking “My PhotoShelter -> Gallery Invitations”

A thumbnail view of all the images is presented in the gallery. Clicking on the image will bring up the screen resolution version of the image. The images may be watermarked.

You will find a download link on the image page, it might appear above, below, or the right or left of the image. If we have set up low-res comp downloads, you will also be able to use this link to download a comp.

Clicking on one of these links will prompt you to save the file to your computer. Like any download, the location is determined by your browser preferences. High-resolution downloads will take longer to download.

Is there a way to download all images in a photo gallery at once?

Yes, will be able to download all the images within the photo gallery at once if; A) you have been granted client download access through a gallery invitation, or B) if you have been designated as a Trusted Client, or C) if downloading is enabled on your password-protected gallery. Your browser must support java to use the batch downloader. Download Java for free from Oracle.

Why do I need to have an account?

If you have a public gallery, you can view the gallery via a link to your galleries without using the PhotoShelter Invitation mechanism. However, we use accounts because it provides you with a layer of security, and in the case of high-resolution downloads, provides an audit trail of who downloaded images.

Can a group of people be invited at once?

Yes, we can create an Invite Group for your company or collaborators. For example, you might create a group called Creative Team with the names and e-mail addresses of your projects creative team. Send us the list and we’ll create an Invite Group, the users will be notified via an invitation.

I didn’t get my invitation, can you resend my Invitation?

Yes. If we add or edit the galleries, or if you lost the link, you can request a " target="_blank" rel="noopener">resend of the gallery invitation. Add, “Resend” and the gallery name to the subject line of the email request. You can add an optional note to the email body.

Click “" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Re-send invitation” and the invitation will be resent in about 24-48 hours since this is a manual process. If you need an urgent re-send call Brett Gilmour Photography at 403-540-5530 and request a gallery invitation re-send.

Photo Gallery Invitation Re-Send