Photography Equipment For Sale From the Photo Studio

An ever changing list of the photography equipment for sale at the studio

To purchase the photography equipment for sale contact us via the contact form. We’ll add photos when we can. If an item is still on the list, it’s still for sale.

The items we’re selling are either in good working condition or like new condition. We sell items either because we’ve updated to newer gear; it was bought for a special project that has concluded; or we aren’t using it enough and it needs a better home.

Photo Gear For SaleQTYPRICE EACH
Jr. Baby Stand (rolling floor stand)2300
Floor stand (gets lights really low – ground level to about 30cm)130
AutoDoly for a Video/Photo Tripod, Manfrotto1125
Manfrotto Super Boom – the dream boom of every studio. X and Y axis control of the head1450
Husky Tool Chest1400
Profoto Acute 24 Alfa Power Pack, 3 head, 2400 watt/second power pack1325
Cooler Master (cooling platform / USB hub for laptop120
Profoto Acute 1200 Pack1300
Manfrotto Portable Boom BLACK 420B BOOM & stand1250 
Profoto Acute 2/4 heads with Dome3 500
Profoto 7″ zoom reflector3 150
Profoto 7″ grid reflector3 150
Profoto Acute Alfa 1200 Power Pack, 1200w/s power pack for 3 heads1400
Tripod Head, Manfrotto #160 Universal View Camera Head, Max. Load (kg): 9.9 kg1118
Benro Basalt 3-Section Tripod, Better, sturdier and lighter than the Bogen 0551175
Rock’n’Roller  Multi-Cart Multi-Media 2-Tier Shelf for R6, R8, R10, R121 50
Lowel 3 light interview kit with soft case; with 3 stands and 2 umbrellas, 2 barn doors, 2x 500w, 1x 1000w1 500
Golf bag with legs (at some point in life I played golf)150
Asus ProArt 23″ monitor, (1920×1080), IPS, 100% sRGB, colour accurate. Red Dot Design winner2125 
Sandbags 310 
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