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Photography Insurance, Are You Covered?

Photography Business & Equipment Insurance

When it comes to insurance to cover your photography equipment and photography business there are several options available. Not all options are created equally so it pays to ask a lot of questions when you research the insurance options available in your market. To help you out I’ve created a list of questions to ask your potential insurance brokers and agents.

What Are My Options Regarding Photography Insurance?

  • business and equipment insurance included as part of your home owners or tenants insurance
  • a rider added to your home owners or tenants insurance that specifically covers your business and/or equipment
  • a separate insurance policy to cover photographic and office equipment
  • a separate insurance policy to cover your equipment and business
  • there are many more options available so discuss the options with at least 3 insurance providers to find the best fit for your business

How Much Will Photography Insurance Cost?

  •  it depends on what type of insurance you need, where you live, your claims history and other variables.
  • typically photography business insurance runs between $500.00 and $2000.00 depending mostly on the value of the equipment,  whether there is a separate studio to cover, and whether coverage is for studio only or includes locations.

 Photography Business & Equipment Insurance Questions

  • is rental equipment covered?
  • am i covered for theft, loss, destruction outside of the house or studio?
  • is theft/damage in my car covered?
  • is theft/damage in airplanes and other travel modes covered?
  • is camera & computer gear used for professional use covered?
  • am i covered for liability?
  • am i covered if i’m leading a photographic tour?
  • is replacement for full value or depreciated value?
  • am i covered internationally, i.e. outside of my home country?