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Tech Tip: Speed Up Lightroom

When Adobe Lightroom 3 is running slowly removing this file will speed it back up again. These steps were developed in consultation with Adobe Tech Support.

List of Photo Assistant Duties at the Photo Studio

Advertising Photographer, Brett Gilmour, outlines the typical duties of a Photo Assistant. In bullet-point, the article details the tasks of a photo assistant in an advertising photography studio though the tasks are common to many types of photography studios.

Are You Ready to Become a Photography Assistant?

Most photographers are willing to spend some time showing a new assistant the studio equipment, but not many want to teach an assistant that has never before handled studio equipment. Other photographers expect far more from an assistant and prefer to work with individuals who are confident enough to become involved in the creative and technical problem solving aspects of a shoot.

Photo of a woman pushing a photo assistant kit on a studio cart

Keep These 58 Items In Your Photo Assistant Kit And Photographers Will Love You

Here’s What’s In The Photo Assistant Kit List Updated June 15, 2020. This list of equipment includes some of the most common items an assistant should have in his or her photo assistant kit bag. It’s not necessary to carry every item listed. When shooting on location you should bring all of these items with you because photographers …

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