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Raw Vs. Unprocessed Images

Do I Deliver RAW Photographs to Clients?

Do I ever deliver RAW or unprocessed images to a client? In the 15 years I’ve been shooting digital, only a few clients have ever asked me for the RAW or unprocessed photographs.

As an artist, I generally get hired to deliver a specific look, and post-production plays a big role in my style. People who commission me to create photographs have seen my portfolio, and they hire me because they want the look of my photography in their campaign.

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With my photographs I prefer to have control of the final look, otherwise I don’t feel that I’ve finished the job I’ve been hired to do. Therefore it’s our studio policy to only deliver edited and processed photographs to clients. This choice reflects our beliefs that:

  • our clients deserve the best photographs we can produce
  • shooting is just one step in a series of steps required to create the final images. As the image creators, only we know which photos need to be combined together and how to combine them, tone them, dodge and burn them and colour balance them to create the final master image
  • the specific style that is associated with my photography has great value and we can’t risk diminishing that value
  • that if an unprocessed photograph from our studio published, when someone sees it, it could reflect badly on the reputation of our studio and damage our business
  • we only put our name on photographs we create from start to finish, putting our name on our photographs has value, to trade away that value the studio needs to be compensated

A chef never serves a plate of raw veal because it won’t have all of the amazing ingredients and cooking skill that make it taste fantastic. Like a chef, I’d never serve a RAW photograph.



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