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Get An SEO Ranking Advantage With Our Photos

Our Clients SEO Ranking Is Higher

When MK Wealth launched their new website they Googled themselves. Their site didn’t rank in Google, but the photos we made for them did. Why?

We add SEO keywords to our photos to improve the SEO rank of our clients. The higher your SEO ranking the easier and faster your prospects and customers will find you on the internet.

On photo-centric social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn our photo SEO will help your images be seen more often.

In the screen shot below, the first position in a Google search is a gallery of MK Wealth photos on our web site. The second position is held by a brochure about MK Wealth that contains our photos.

graphic showing that Gilmour Photography clients get higher SEO ranking by using our photos.

Google search results for MK Wealth showing that the SEO ranking of our photos is higher than their own web site

Before going any further, I want to make it clear that TD MK Wealth  is not the same company as the MK Wealth referred to in the Ripoff Report.

Because of our SEO ranking system, MK Wealth Calgary ranked #1 in Google

Because of the SEO ranking keyword system we apply to our photos, MK Wealth Calgary ranked #1 in Google searches even though their website did not come up in a Google search.

Google places more value in photos that have embedded SEO than it does in SEO text. Using our photography services your web site and social media rankings will get an instant boost from our SEO embedded photos and from the placement of the photos in our high ranking web photo galleries.

Contact us to find out how we can make photographs that tell your story and help your web site rank higher in Google and other search engine rankings.

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