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Architecture Photography Services

Our portfolio showcases architecture photography we have produced for a wide range of architects, builders, design firms, and engineering firms. We have had the privilege of photographing diverse projects and properties around the globe, including universities in Florida, corporate offices in Calgary, water treatment plants in Vancouver, and convention centres in Spain. With extensive experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the field of architecture.

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Commercial Architecture

From soaring skyscrapers to stylish office buildings and bustling shopping complexes, my commercial architecture photography captures the grandeur and sophistication of commercial spaces. My goal is to highlight each structure’s unique features and design elements, creating visually striking compositions that elevate the buildings beyond their functional purpose. Through his lens, I attempt to transform these commercial spaces into works of art, capturing viewers’ imaginations.

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Institutional Architecture

Institutional architecture shines a spotlight on the significant and iconic landmarks that define cities. Institutional photography captures the majesty and grandeur of institutional buildings such as museums, government buildings, and universities. Capturing the intricate details and unique perspectives of these structures brings them to life, making viewers feel as though they are standing right in front of these architectural marvels.

Detail of industrial architecture photographed in water treatment plant by Brett Gilmour

Industrial Architecture

Industrial architecture photography requires the ability to find beauty in unexpected places. My goal is to showcase the raw power and functionality of industrial structures, from factories and warehouses to power plants and bridges. Industrial photographs capture the scale and enormity of industrial structures, emphasizing their geometric shapes and textures. I strive to use perspective and composition to create photographs that invite viewers to appreciate industrial spaces’ often-overlooked beauty.

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Residential Architecture

Residential architecture photography attempts to capture the character and personality of each home, whether it’s a sleek and modern residential tower or a charming historic house. In residential photography, the use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to each photograph, creating a captivating visual narrative that invites viewers to step into these homes and experience their beauty firsthand.

Architectural photography is an art that requires a keen eye for detail, a deep appreciation for design, and the skill to capture the essence of a building. Canadian photographer Brett Gilmour is a master of this craft, with a portfolio that showcases his talent and passion for capturing the beauty and uniqueness of architectural structures. From residential homes to commercial buildings, industrial sites, and institutional landmarks, Gilmour’s work is a testament to his ability to tell a story through his lens.

Brett Gilmour’s architectural photography portfolio is a testament to the essence and beauty of architectural structures. Through his lens, he invites viewers to see buildings in a new light, appreciating their design, functionality, and the stories they tell, whether it’s a residential home, a commercial building, an industrial site, or an institutional landmark.


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