Commercial photography of a man walking through an industrial site at sunset in Alberta


Industrial Photography Services

Over the years, we have had the privilege of photographing a diverse array of projects worldwide, solidifying our expertise in the field of industrial photography. Our portfolioshowcases the scope of our expertise in various industries, including oil and gas, energy, engineering, transportation, manufacturing and construction. It exemplifies our ability to produce photography in challenging environments and to operate within strict safety standards. We are dedicated to providing exceptional photography services that enhance your projects, leave a lasting impression on your clients, and reinforce your professional standing.

Branding photography for Mud Urban Potters pottery studio in Calgary, Alberta by commercial photographer, Gilmour Photography.


Manufacturing photography helps businesses showcase their products. Up to date images enahnce their brand and attract potential customers. High-quality images effectively communicate the quality and professionalism of the business, ultimately leading to increased customer trust and confidence.

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Construction and Engineering

Construction and engineering photography is often on a grand scale. Projects can take years to complete and require dozens of site visits. From sky scrapers to overpasses these are big, dusty, and dangerous locations; and their exactly the kind of place where we love to make photos.

Detail of industrial architecture photographed in water treatment plant by Brett Gilmour


From the mines of Fort McMurray to the solar farms of Strathmore, our team is ready to put on our boots and hard hats and get to work.

Our industrial photography services go beyond taking images; we capture the rhythm of production lines, the determination written on employees’ faces, and the pulse of factories.

Each image is a reflection of the amazing accomplishments of companies of all sizes that propel our country forward. Every photoshoot is an opportunity to shape how people view your industry.

Whether it’s a manufacturing facility, a warehouse, an energy plant, or an industrial landmark, our industrial photography shows the unique character of each location. With an acute understanding of the industrial sector and a passion for visual storytelling, we strive to create engaging and impactful images that highlight the raw beauty and significance of industrial spaces.

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