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Setting Up a User Account

Setting Up Your Image Vault Account

What if I don’t have an Image Vault account already?

You’ll receive an email with a message and a link:

You have received an invitation from Gilmour Photography to view an image gallery. Message from Brett: Hey, check out these great images from the shoot! To view this gallery, please follow this (sample) link:

Clicking on the link for the first time, directs you to a page where you can set a password:

Image Vault, Choose a Password form

The password can be anything you choose as long as it is a minimum of 6 characters. This will activate your free ImageVault account which you can use in the future to view additional galleries or license images. Once we have set your password on your provisional account, or if you already have an account, you will be directed to the gallery that we invited you to.

You are notified of a successful Account Activation:

Image Vault, Account Activated Form

Alternately, you can view a list of all your invitations by clicking “My PhotoShelter -> Gallery Invitations”

Image Vault, My Invitees form

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