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11 Fashion Tips for Better Business Portraits

11 Fashion Tips for Better Business Portraits. Choose an outfit that you would wear when meeting one of your best clients.
Hold attention on your eyes and flatter your face by wearing conservative clothing. Mid-range and darker, solid colours such as blue, brown, gray, red, green are best for both men and women.

Difference Between Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free Images?

The terms of licens­ing will spec­ify such things as the media in which the RM Image will appear, the name of the end user (e.g. Your client, if applic­a­ble), geo­graph­i­cal dis­tri­b­u­tion, size of repro­duc­tion, dura­tion of use and exclu­siv­ity required. RM licens­ing fees are deter­mined by the spe­cific man­ner in which You will use an RM Image. RF licens­ing fees are fixed, solely based on the size of the RF Image file.

Photography Assistant Duties

Advertising Photographer, Brett Gilmour, outlines the typical duties of a Photo Assistant. In bullet-point, the article details the tasks of a photo assistant in an advertising photography studio though the tasks are common to many types of photography studios.

Are You Ready to Become a Photography Assistant?

Most photographers are willing to spend some time showing a new assistant the studio equipment, but not many want to teach an assistant that has never before handled studio equipment. Other photographers expect far more from an assistant and prefer to work with individuals who are confident enough to become involved in the creative and technical problem solving aspects of a shoot.


Licensing Photography: A Photo Buyer’s Guide

LICENSING PHOTOGRAPHY: A Photo Buyer’s Guide Most commercial photography is licensed, not sold, for specific use over a designated period of time. The photographer retains the copyright to all images s/he creates unless the copyright is transferred to the buyer by specific written agreement or the work qualifies as a “work for hire”. Licensing photography …

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Tips On Managing Social Media

Shannon Bowen-Kelsick of SBK Marketing has a great article highlighting the best tips from a panel discussion held in Calgary by the Calgary Marketing Meetup Group. The panel luncheon titled, “MySpace, YouTube, Identica, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and LinkedIn….. Oh my!”, was about how to manage our personal and professional social media presence. We learned that on-line, there isn’t much difference between our personal and professional selves and that it is best to err on the side of caution.

Online Presence Checkup #YYC Was a Hit

New tech­niques for man­ag­ing online pres­ence that I learned about are:

* set­ting Google alerts to auto mon­i­tor my name and alert me when it pops up online
* research­ing where my com­peti­tors are listed online and get­ting listed there as well
* using click­tail to ana­lyze web traffic
* using dis­qus

Undoing Limitations

I want to introduce you to my friend, Jean Hudson, who is part of my brain trust. Jean brings her humour, sensitivity, positivity and behavioural insight to the 8 members of the Calgary Entrepreneurs Peer Group. She has the rare ability of being able to listen before she speaks and to give direct and supportive …

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Earth Day

Since 1989 I have been celebrating Earth Day. In 1990 my University room mate and I sold organic cotton t-shirts with hand painted images to celebrate Earth Day. I sold them in the Quad at Bishop’s University while wearing a pair of Teva sandals. 20 years later, to mark Earth Day in 2009 I undertook …

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