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Tech Tip: Speed Up Lightroom and End the Frustration

Stop the Frustration, Speed Up Lightroom With 1 easy fix!

Adobe Lightroom  is a great program unfortunately after a few days or even a few hours it slows down and gets frustratingly slow. Luckily there is a fairly easy fix to speed up Adobe LR.

Adobe Lightroom logo for the Speed Up Lightroom article by Brett Gilmour.

When Adobe Lightroom  is running slowly removing this file will speed it back up again. These steps were developed in consultation with Adobe Tech Support.

Speed Up Lightroom On a Windows Machine:

  1. Go to the Start Menu, type: %appdata%, open the Roaming folder, open the Adobe folder, open the LR folder, open the Preferences folder. Find the file named: Lightroom Preferences.agprefs and drag this file to the desktop, launch LR again and it should run faster.
  2. Cancel the welcome pop up and begin using LR. If your preferences are still intact and LR is running well, move the Lightroom Preferences.agprefs file to the Recycle bin. Relaunch LR and if everything is still running well empty your Recycling bin.
  3. Unfortunately LR  will eventually bog down again and you’ll have to use this trick again to speed it back up. If you have a better fix or suggestions for improving this fix let us know by commenting below.

Do you have any other tips to speed up Lightroom? Drop your Adobe Lightroom tips in the comments below.

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